2024 Derby Books

Please look carefully at the covers! You can click on each to enlarge. Make sure you're familiar with all elements present on your selected covers so there are no surprises - all cover assignments are final.

All titles are final and cannot be changed.

You may request the addition of a subtitle to your cover after the Derby begins. The title block may be shifted slightly to create room for it, but not changed.

All pen names are flexible. After the Derby begins, you may request to swap your pen name between several archetypes - femme names, masc names, nongendered names, or initials. You cannot choose your pen name.

Your pen name may also be adjusted if there is an issue with your assigned pen name, such as a notable author already writing under that pen.

At the conclusion of the Derby, you may purchase alterations to your cover such as changing the pen name to your existing pen or creating a paperback wrap.