Derby 2021

The Second Annual Inkfort Press Publishing Derby!

Welcome, everyone to The Inkfort Publishing Derby! A chance for authors to hone their skill, get feedback on their work, earn some money for their effort, and practice their marketing skills.

Cover Selection

Hey all, and welcome back to The Publishing Derby!

Thanks to everyone who signed up!  We’re now ready for the bit everyone is waiting for: The cover selection.

So here’s how it’s going to work.

A link to the cover artwork is below – if you haven’t seen them already. Don’t go scrolling down just yet, bear with me. How this will work is you are going to browse through that album and then start to rank your covers from favorite to least favorite.

For the purposes of ranking your covers, “1” will be your first choice, and “100” will be your last choice. You must also include six covers in your ranking as ‘veto’ covers that you do not wish to be given.

We’ve put together a sheet to rank your covers here.  Please save your own version of the master sheet, fill it out and email it back to us at with a subject heading of [Cover Ranking].

Your rankings will be due by noon EST on Friday, June 11th . We’re starting this a bit early, so there should be plenty of time.  For contestants, failure to submit a ranking by the deadline will be taken as an indication that you wish to withdraw. If something comes up and you wish to claim a cover after the deadline has passed, contact Inkfort Staff.

The more covers you rank, the more likely you are to get a cover you’ll be happy with. While only the six vetoes are required we highly encourage ranking most or all of the covers.  Once the submission period for rankings has closed, we will begin drawing participants using randomized numbers, and assigning covers. If, when your turn is reached, all of your ranked covers have been assigned already, you will be given a random cover, excluding your six vetoes, from the unselected ones at the end of the process. So it’s in your best interest to rank as many as possible!  Similarly, we have had some people interested in a blind selection for covers, and those who opt to not rank any will also be assigned covers, excluding their vetos, at the end of the selection process.

So, what if you are just a reader and excited to follow along, or you didn’t make the cutoff for the first 100 slots and are on the waitlist?  Feel free to rank away anyway and pick the appropriate option.  In the case of the latter, we’ll give you a cover if and when we have a slot available, and in the case of the former, we’ll use your rankings in the End of Derby statistics.

Having problems ranking with so many lovely covers?  Farengeto has once again stepped up and provided an excellent tool to help the indecisive.  Check out the cover sorter.


Here is the link to the ranking sheet, Remember to send it to with the subject heading of [Cover Ranking]

Here is a link to the covers

And here is a link to the cover sorter


Important Dates

  • May 31st – June 5th = Sign-ups
  • June 6th – 11th = Voting
  • June 11th – 12th = Drawing and Cover Distribution
  • June 13th – August 16th = Writing phase
  • August 16th – September 6th = Edit/Beta phase
  • September 6th – September 20th = ARC phase
  • September 21st = Launch Day
  • October 25th = Sales information due
  • October 29th = Results Announcement!

For all up to date information, click below!

The derby will always be free, but people have asked us, so if you’d like to contribute you can do so here: