Dragonflame: A Transformation Progression Fantasy (The Dragon’s Scion Book 1)

Tythel thought growing up under the wings of the last dragon, Karjon the Magnificent, would be the most unusual part of her life. It was only the beginning.
Finally, she’s come of age to begin her transformation into a half dragon. But just as the ritual completes, a steel ship bursts from the clouds, killing the dragon and tearing her world asunder.

The attack leaves Tythel alone and on the run from the alien invaders. The same ones that conquered her world and killed her parents sixteen years ago. The rightful heir to the throne and the last draconic being, Tythel must use every tool at her disposal and evolve into her draconic form to survive and teach the aliens a lesson forged in flame.

They should have let sleeping dragons lie.

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