The Climatic Conclusion of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large

Geela’s on her own in the Void Realm, and the clock to find Darkos is ticking.

This isn’t how her triumphant foray into the void is supposed to go. She’s not sure how she expected it to go, but it isn’t this. Wandering the Void Realm as an apparition means she’s left her bag of tricks behind, and there are plenty of horrors waiting for her in Noire’s domain. She’ll need her wit more than ever as she searches for any possible means to save Darkos and defeat her childhood foe.

Darkos’s day isn’t going much better. Chained to Hari, he’s forced to endure threats, torment, and above all, boredom. But Geela’s wiles have rubbed off on him, and Hari’s got a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be extracted. All Darkos needs to coax it out of him—and find a way to convey the void secrets to Geela.

But time is running out as Hari brings Darkos ever closer to Noire’s clutches. If they’re going to send the Void Fiend packing, it’ll take the combined forces of all the masses she’s hoodwinked along the way to pull it off.

The final act of Ja’Eel Scilatia is about to play out—and it’ll be a show for the ages.

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