Trouble Brewing: A Cozy Shopkeeper Fantasy (Runes & Brews)

How does a coward live out his dreams of adventure?

At last, Theo’s found a way. Vicariously. When he arrives in Romuen, the grand City of Adventurers, his plan is set - establish his shop, and supply the heroes with all the alchemical wares and enchanted creations they might need. Even better, he'll do it for a fair price.

Little does he know, Theo's brewed up more trouble than potions.

When his fellow merchants come sniffing around with threats and thugs, Theo sees through Romuen's gleaming glass walls to the corruption hidden within. Before long, he’s caught up in the middle of a silent war he didn’t realize he’d enlisted for.

With a handsome adventurer on one side and his loyal companions on the other, he has allies. But he's the one that'll have to make the final choice - his dreams, or his safety - and he'd better decide fast, because his troubles are about to boil over.

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