Weird Theology: Small Worlds Book 1

The end of the world is inevitable. How it happens is up in the air.
Ryan Smith never expected anything interesting to happen to him. He figured he was just another boring guy who would do the daily grind for the rest of his life. He had no idea the man in the suit that constantly followed him meant he was one of the candidates to find the last nanoverse. But Ryan found it – in a gift store’s box of keychains and marbles.

Now, he has the powers of a god – and zero idea how to use them.

Unfortunately, other gods know about him. Enki is coming, wanting to use Ryan’s awesome power to stop the apocalypse – unaware that doing so would doom the world. Now, Ryan finds himself caught in the middle of divine power struggles as gods start taking sides.

Can Ryan survive long enough to manage a kinder, gentler Armageddon?

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